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Here at Copper Theory, we love Free Printables and Downloads! Now that the weather is finally warming up and Spring is on its way, it’s a good time to get motivated and set some goals. One of my favorite ways to feel refreshed and motivated is to get a jump start on spring cleaning and redecorating your space.

A great way to add some flare and motivation to your home and work space is to print out and frame some cute, motivational prints! This week, I have 3 downloadable prints to help you get a head start on your Spring goals.

These prints feature quotes from inspirational women who knew how to get stuff done, and so can you.

Below you will find 3 downloadable links that will let you download a PDF file of each of the 3 posters. From there, you can use any printer and print these images at any size. Go crazy and get motivated! You can also check out our blog post from a few weeks ago for some free desktop and iPhone wallpapers like the one in the image above.

There’s Always Lipstick

Afraid of Never Flying

Never Goes out of Style



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February 27, 2017

DIY Circle Light (for $15!)

A couple of weeks ago I went to my first microblading appointment where I had my first encounter with the famous Diva Ring Light. I knew my favorite YouTubers used them to get the perfect lighting for their videos, but I have never seen the difference it makes in person.

You guys, this light is life changing! I barely had any makeup on that day and had dry skin, but let me tell you, it made my skin glow.

My only thought: I need this light!

You can imagine my disappointment when I came home and found out they were upwards of $400. My college-girl budget was not going to be able to justify that one! So, I decided to try a DIY version of the circle light.

After some trial and error, I was able to make one that is so perfect! It’s pretty compact and can be set up anywhere, giving you the best lighting for your selfies, makeup tutorials or just your makeup application in general! Follow the steps below to create your own!



Rope Light (outdoor lighting)

Metal Wreath Frame



Zip Ties



1: First, you need to gather all of these supplies. Make sure you get a rope light that will produce a white glow and not a yellow one. I got a $12 rope light from Wal-Mart and the box said it was for outdoor lighting, which gives the bright, white glow you want! If you look at the images below you can see how the white lighting makes my skin look brighter, and how the yellow lighting makes it look yellowish. The light coloring is key!

2: Once you have all of your supplies, you are going to take your metal wreath frame, zip ties, and rope light and start securing the light to the frame. Start by taking a zip tie and fastening the start of the rope light to the wreath frame. Every 6 inches or so, you are going to tie the zip tie around the wreath frame and the rope light, securing everything together. Continue to wind the rope light through the wreath frame, following the different circle sizes until you get to the end of your rope. You can leave a little section out to make plugging it in easier, as well!

3: Next, you are going to take your wreath frame and make a cardboard cutout of it. It should be donut shaped with the middle cut out! Then, you are going to take your foil and cover the cardboard cutout with it, securing the foil with tape.

4: Now you are going to tape your foiled cardboard cutout to the back of the wreath frame (behind the lights). Secure it with packing tape. This step looks a little junky but the foil helps to enhance the light by reflecting it!

And voila! You have your very own circle light! I included a before and after of my own selfie to show you how powerful this little light can be. And you can’t get much more affordable than $15 for a circle light, am I right?? Now your selfies will look even more amazing because your lighting will be top-notch.

One last tip: get an extension cord. It will be so much easier when you don’t have to crouch down to use a wall outlet with the short tail you left out!

Here is a picture of my results below. Look at how gorgeous that lighting is! Totally worth the $15, ladies!


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How to Give Yourself the Best At-Home Manicure

When I got married, I was instantly thrown into budget mode with all the new financial responsibilities I had to take on! It was not fun figuring out finances, especially when I had to give up my twice monthly trips to the nail salon. I love long, clean, painted nails; it makes me feel feminine and put together! So, my solution was to find a way I could get salon-quality gel nails at home. Whether you want to save some extra cash or are a DIY diva, follow these simple steps to have fabulous nails, no nail salon required. No one will know the difference!


Nail polish

Nail File

Cuticle cutter

Rubbing alcohol

Gel Nail Lamp


1. To start out, soak your nails in water for about five minutes. This helps soften the cuticles so they are easier to trim.

2. After soaking your nails, push back your cuticles with your nails to prep them for cutting! Next, pick those cutters up and carefully trim your cuticles. Don’t be afraid of this step! It’s a lot easier than it seems.

3. Now that you’ve taken care of your cuticles, you can move onto cutting and shaping your nails. If you have short nails or are okay with the length of them, you can go through and file the ends of your nails (move the file one way only, not back and forth, to avoid nail damage!) I love the square shape so I make sure to file evenly on the top of my nail to get that sharp look!

4. Now you’ll want to take your block file and smooth out the texture of your nail for the application of the nail polish. A bumpy nail makes for bumpy color! Follow along with the numbers on the file, from one to four, until your nails are smooth and shiny

5. Now you are ready to get started with the polish! Start with a base coat, taking an extremely thin layer and applying it evenly. If you make it too thick it could create small little bubbles that are not easy to get rid of! Once you have that fine layer, put it under the lamp.

6. Next, layer on two more coats of color, staying close to the edges but leaving a little bit of space around the nail. When you get it on the side or over the cuticle area it makes it easy for it to peel off. Again, use long and thin strokes!

Pro Tip: to get a super clean manicure, add a layer of glue around your nail and let it dry. Then, when you are done, you can peel it off and you won’t have any polish on your skin!

7. Finally, add a top coat to finish it off! To remove the tacky layer, use a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. And now you have beautiful, long lasting nails! Usually, these will last me two weeks before my nails grow out too long and I need to redo the color. But they last through the gym, school, work, cleaning, you name it! You will be looking so good with your beautiful, no-chip manicure!



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Free Marble Wallpapers

I don’t know about you, but I love wallpapers. There’s just something about customizing my workspace that makes me feel better and more productive. Sometimes when I get into a creative slump on a design project, I’ll take a break to create a new wallpaper for my phone or laptop. The new design helps refresh my outlook and boost my imagination.

For this reason, I am a huge believer in the power of cute wallpapers. And since everybody deserves that power, here are some cute wallpapers for your phone and laptop!

I’m a big fan of the recent marble trend, so this week I have three marble phone wallpapers and one marble desktop wallpaper. I currently have the “love yourself more” wallpaper set on my phone, and I’ve received quite a few compliments on it.

These wallpapers are 100 percent free to download and will instantly freshen up your phone and workspace. Do yourself a favor and click the download links below. A new wallpaper is a great way to get some Monday Motivation!

Live in the Moment Desktop Wallpaper

Love Yourself More Phone Wallpaper

Geometric Marble Phone Wallpaper

Black and White Marble Phone Wallpaper

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